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About Us is a website that was mainly created to simplify the recruitment system by bringing together the employers to directly contact with their potential employees.

The site directly derives its name from a Swahili word “ajiriwa” which means “get employed”. It was developed and is managed by Peter Robert Mgembe who had a vision of changing the way recruitment system works.

Our main aim is create a better place where employers and jobs seekers can meet and find what they need. We created this platform with both employers and job seekers in mind.

We want job seekers to come and easily find perfect jobs for themselves regardless of their education and experience. To achieve that, we firstly guide them through to making a great CV. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to make a CV; our system was designed to assist you on that. All you need is to answer the questions that you are asked and the system will create a professional CV for you. We’ll then save it and show it to employers to whom you make application. We will also be recommending your CV to different employers (if you allow us) even those to whom you haven’t made applications in order to give you the opportunity to be discovered. On top of that, we’ll also make sure that you never miss a perfect opportunity so; we are always going to notify you whenever there is a job that matches your skills.

On the other hand we want Employers to find a candidate that truly fits their criteria, by collecting all applications and put them in one place that can easily be accessed. We have created a tool that will assist them in the selection process, regardless of how many applications have been received, the employer can easily find the ideal candidate by filtering them  based on experience, education, location, skills, language and others. In this way shortlisting can be done much quicker. With our growing database of CVs made by job seekers, we are giving you the power to browse through them, so you don’t have to create a job post in order to find a person to employ, sometime you just need  to find a quick replacement and this would be a perfect solution.

We are committed to making it easier for both parties (employers and job seekers) to find what they need, so we are offering this service for free. So go ahead and create your account as Employer or Job Seeker and enjoy the benefits our system can offer, you’ll surely appreciate it.

Our Management Team

Peter Robert Mgembe
Chief Executive Officer
Peter R Mgembe is a computer programmer with a Degree in Business Administration. His passion with computers since his young age and the urge to make things easier has led to the creation of this system. He has worked in the Human Resources Department of DHL Supply Chain, Turkey where he got the inspiration and know how’s in the process of recruitment. He is the holder of Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Okan University, Turkey.

Kevin Mpinda
Marketing Manager & Operations Advisor
Kevin Mpinda is a holder of Advanced Diploma in Information and Communication Technology from Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC). He is responsible for marketing and planning of all office operations and brand promotion.


What we believe
There are many employment opportunities in the country, what’s missing is the proper means to reach the intended audience.
We are here to fill in that gap that exists between employers and job seekers, together we can.


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