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Peter Robert Mgembe

Business Manager/ Programmer

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Personal Description

Experienced web developer proficient in PHP and makes projects mainly using Laravel Framework and Vue Js for user interfaces. Have worked with PHP since 2016 and have developed various projects one being ajiriwa recruitment platform and a payroll system. Also comfortable with other languages such as Java and Python.

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Work Experience

Staff Trainer and supervisor / SR Financial and Business Consultants
Mar 2013 - Sep 2013
Worked as a staff trainer and supervisor on Information and Communication sector of the company. During my stay, I facilitated designing of the company logo as well as assisting our clients to make their logos. On top of that, I took the responsibility of designing and printing the IDs for the employees of the company. I also worked close with the tax consultants dealing with Value added tax computation and submission of the respective returns to the Tanzania Revenue Authority(TRA).

Human Resource Intern / DHL Supply Chain, Turkey
Aug 2016 - May 2017
Worked as a human resource intern, was responsible for the Personnel information system including their information and daily attendance tracking, dealing with employees disciplinary issues. Was also responsible in the recruitment process where received the CV of the new applicants and organize for their interviews, and participated as a member of the interview panel.

Export Planner / Procter & Gamble (P&G), Turkey
Jun 2017 - Aug 2017
Made plans for the export operations for Israel market by scheduling production of the optimal quantity and truck-sizing for efficient logistics operation

Operations Coordinator / Ajiriwa Network
Aug 2017 - Dec 2018
The founder and System Administrator of the recruitment platform, responsible for managing all the operations of the platform from data management, web maintenance(SEO and Web Auditing), marketing and continuous service improvement.Have also facilitated the implementation of online payment system for the platform which now accepts payments via Visa and MasterCard, MPESA, TIGOPESA

Software Developer / Global Infosoft Limited
May 2019 - Oct 2019
Works asu00a0 web developer, designed the company website accessible through, have also developed a hr system which handles employee leaves, attendance and payroll.


Okan University / Bachelor of Business Administration
2013 - 2017
Got an honor for being the second academically in the business faculty with a GPA of 3.8/4.0. It was a good experience

Eagles Secondary School / Advanced Level Education
2011 - 2013
I was the best student in the EGM combination class
Eagles Secondary School / Ordinary Level Education
2007 - 2010
I was the third best student
United Nations Primary School / Primary Education
2002 - 2007

Career Achievements

Authoring and publishing of a book for Mathematics with ISBN 978-9987-700-13-4 in 2010. During my O'level education I was inspired to create a book for mathematics to help people become more competent in the subject, I started by collecting possible mathematics questions then find their solutions and show them step by step. Preparation of this book helped me to a large extent in my education, I was able to score an A grade in Mathematics in my Form Four National Exam.

Development of recruitment platform is one of the achievements that I'm proud of. I worked in the Human Resource Department of DHL Supply Chain, Turkey and I saw how easy recruitment was by using a recruitment platform, so I was inspired to create one myself for my country. I started learning Web Programming and slowly developing my own application and proudly it's operational now and has become popular in Tanzania. I intended to create a place to assist both employers and job seekers to get what they need, the platform would even assist people in making a professional CV, I created this CV using the platform.

Development of a payroll management software which handles a company's payroll and employement management needs. Trial version of the software is live at

Interest and Hobbies

Programming - I enjoy coding and spend most of my free time doing so, to solve problems