AFL Field Team Leader
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AFL Field Team Leader


AFL Field Team Leader

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HR WORLD on behalf of our reputable client we are looking for an AFL Field Team Leader to carry out the activities required to facilitate, control, and monitor the execution of the business’s operations.


  • Review client’s instructions and obtain order numbers for each job.
  • Allocates client’s orders to suitable inspectors and operators for execution.
  • To vet and recruit or approve casual clerks/operators recruited to assist inspectors perform allocated operations and brief them or ensure they are properly briefed to be able to undertake the required tasks. Maintain in the job file, evidence of the briefing.
  • Supervise all the operations undertaken by your inspectors and where necessary by clerks/operators to ensure that they are by SOPs to ajira meet customer requirements. Daily visits to work sites to supervise all operations under your department and endorse field documents (tally sheets, weight notes, services certificates, clerk’s master roll, etc) or field supervision forms to evidence your visits.
  • To advise or ensure customers are promptly and consistently advised of the progress of their orders as may be required.
  • To keep the Operations Supervisor or Business Manager updated on the progress of the orders being executed by the department.
  • To ensure the availability of necessary and sufficient resources for the execution of client orders.
  • To ensure that the equipment/company resources are effectively used, of good working condition, with up-to-date calibration status/records, and well maintained during and after every order execution.
  • To check all reports of orders under his supervision for drafting/typing errors before final reporting to the client.
  • Invoice all completed orders and follow up pending revenue with the clients under his/her portfolio.
  • To counter-check all payment vouchers for casual clerks hired to carry out inspection activity by the cargo surveyors/ Cargo control operators/inspectors under his jurisdiction.
  • To advise the Operation Supervisor or the Business Manager of any potential jobs he notices in the field for the purpose of follow-up.
  • To advise the client and operations Supervisor of any problems/issues related to the order execution.


  • Degree in Natural Resources or higher academic qualification holders from a recognized institution.
  • Must have at least 5 years relevant experience in the oil and petroleum trade inspection industry and the transportation, handling, and storage of associated products or any of the above primary responsibility assignments.
  • Must have an experience in operations supervision
  • Having general knowledge of port and terminals operations
  • Having general experience in discharge and loading operations.
  • Must be proficient in BOSS.

Interested candidates may send their CV's to before 3rd June 2023