Loan Recovery Officer
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Loan Recovery Officer


Loan Recovery Officer

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We are searching for a Loan Recovery Officer to be responsible for collecting bad debt  including written-off loans and loans overdue more specified days with compliance with  acceptable common practices aligned with legal framework requirement. 


  • Engage and approach all ajira branch managers to discuss and explore practical technique and strategies to incorporate into the plan. 
  • Formulate plan of detail actions of written off loans from previous and current years.
  • Set out the detail actions and target of loan write off recoveries down to all the concerned  client service officers. 
  • Identify and assess a recovery likelihood of loan write off clients, rating Low, Medium, or  High. 
  • Coordinate with loan officer to identify loan write off clients and classify them into four  different categories according to combination of their willingness to pay and capacity to  pay. 
  • Work closely with Branch Manager (BM) and Loan Officer (LO) to execute recovery  techniques and strategies including, loan write off mapping, regular home visit and chasing,  and collecting. 
  • Try to get all the loan write off clients to have commitments with and to get them to follow their pledge. 
  • Seek ways to continuously improve performance and productivity on the job.
  • Work closely with the Credit and Recovery Manager, Regional Manager and Branch Manager  to identify root cause of loan delinquency, operational weaknesses and recommend changes  to improve the quality of the portfolio. 
  • Other tasks as assigned by supervisor. 


  • University degree from any related field is preferred. 
  • 2 years’ and above experience in microfinance operations directly dealing with delinquent  clients and other problem-solving situations. 
  • Must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • Must have good computer literacy and email. 
  • Must be fluent in the English language (both written and spoken). 
  • Must have the ability to make fair and ethical decisions in tough circumstances.
  • Must be very organized in order to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • High self-motivation with strong interpersonal skills. 
  • Must have the ability to motivate and persuade others, particularly delinquent clients to  repay debt. 
  • Abilities to communicate with local authorities and legal / court members in an articulate  and professional manner. 
  • Demonstrate high level of ethical commitment and trustworthiness. 


  • Send you CV and cover letter to: 
  • Deadline: 30th NOVEMBER, 2022 

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